We can provide a top quality muck shifting service – organising the removal and safe disposal of difficult material or surplus excavated materials from site.

Whether you have inert or contaminated materials to move, we can arrange the safe and correct disposal of your soils.

The most asked question is, what is land clearance? Many people are confused as to what it is, and whether it’s the right thing they’re looking for.

To put it simply, land clearance is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the process of clearing a plot of land.

This involves getting rid of any vegetation and foliage that’s present.

Typically, people will look for land clearance companies when they have an area of dense vegetation that needs to be cleared. Land clearance is all to do with getting rid of the natural foliage on the land, and making the area completely bare.

Once this is done, you have a fresh plot of land to begin construction on or use for other means. Land clearance involves the use of heavy machinery including excavators and bulldozers.

It’s a big process and needs to be completed with a lot of care and attention.

All sorts of play and sports areas are installed by LRM Landscaping & Groundworks, from very rustic timber trails and climbing equipment, to state of the art metal structures along with sports and fitness areas.

We can also landscape any outdoor area to add another dimension to play equipment as well as enhance the visual interest of a site.

We are renowned for our provision of outstanding outdoor play equipment for children of all ages, and offering customisable components at an affordable cost.

Providing a wide array of colourful units made from various materials such as plastic, rubber and timber, we truly do offer outdoor equipment solution to suit all requirements.

Road surfacing is a long established and proven road construction technique and offers many advantages, including:

  • Reduces costs of maintenance
  • Decreased life-time costs
  • Designed and laid to specifically suit traffic volumes
  • Excellent ride quality

We specialise in machine laid and hand laid asphalt and macadam surfacing for a range of applications including driveways, car parks, carriageways, agricultural roads, commercial premises and footpaths.

We offer a wide range of paving and mono-blocking services for paths, driveways and domestic areas.

Thanks to our years of experience of laying stone and paving, you can trust us to provide the skill and craftsmanship you need.

From a bespoke garden wall to a large scale cobbled street, from traditional to contemporary, LRM Landscaping & Groundworks can undertake the most complex of jobs.

We appreciate that this is your own space – that’s why long-lasting stonework, beauty and quality are essential ingredients of any work we carry out.